Xenoblade Chronicles 2 To Launch With Positive Critical Reviews

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 To Launch With Positive Critical Reviews

After being hyped as one of Nintendo Switch’s biggest game this year, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 seems to live up to the general hype, receiving largely positive reviews from critics.

According to the game’s  the Metacritic aggregation, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 currently sits at a score of 85 based on 46 critics reviews.

Sitting at the top end of the spectrum is RPGamer, who gave the game a full 100:

The overall depth of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and how well it all ties together is astounding. Though higher expectations mean it is less of a stunning revelation than the first game, Monolith Soft has risen up tall to meet those expectations and delivered spectacularly in every area. 2017 has been one of the greatest years in RPG history; Xenoblade Chronicles 2 caps that off in mesmerising fashion by being one of the finest titles of the year.

Agreeing with RPGamer at a high score of 90 is Eurogamer Italy, who praised Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as another “bull’s-eye shot for the Nintendo Switch”

Another bull’s-eye shot for the Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 closes the nearly-perfect year for Nintendo’s hybrid console with a bunch of gorgeous fireworks.

USgamer also gave the game a 90, recommending it even newcomers

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 applies an energetic signature and wax seal to a wonderful year for the Nintendo Switch, and for JRPGs in general. Between the amount of time it takes to get used to the game and getting through everything it has to offer, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a worthy investment for series fans and newcomers.

IGN, on the other hand, was a little harder to impress, but still gave the game an excellent 85 points:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a standout RPG that manages to keep its story, combat, and exploration interesting over the course of at least 70 hours of adventure through an impressively varied and rich world. Getting from place to place can be confusing, but outside of that and a multi-hour progression roadblock near the end this is an excellent game full of tough, memorable battles and a positive message.

GameSpot knocked a few more points off, giving the game a more mixed rating of 70:

It’s equal parts pleasing and frustrating, but the struggle to keep up with everything thrown your way is more of a hurdle than a roadblock. It will be a tough pill to swallow for people who aren’t accustomed to the typical cliches found in many Japanese RPGs, and its often clumsy nature keeps it from being the next groundbreaking Switch game. But Xenoblade 2 is worth pursuing if you’ve got enough patience to let it blossom.

Overall it seems like fans should definitely pick up the game and give it a go while newcomers to the series could also be in for a treat. You can head on to the game’s Metacritic page here.