Game Review: Flame In The Flood (Switch)

Game Review: Flame In The Flood (Switch)

Need an adventure? Like survival trips? And you cannot live without your dog? Then don’t look any further, Flame in the Flood should be the game to play. Flame in the Flood isn’t spectacular – you watch the protagonist in an isometric perspective, the sound isn’t too obtrusive and you really feel alone. No 1st person shooting like in “Far Cry: Primal” or orchestra type soundtrack which gives you an eargasm.

You feel alone, you fight alone and you have your dog on your side. And so the adventure starts. And it’s easy to explain – SURVIVE, SURVIVE, SURVIVE! Collect everything you can get, mix your items and form new things – to cure yourself, to satisfy your hunger or not be thirsty. You can make fires and knifes out of stones. It’s like being a scout – but you are completely alone.

You always have to look that your hunger or a wound don’t kill you. And this is what the gameplay is about. And it can be very challenging – “where to find meat?” “how to cure myself?” Questions everyone asks himself – when he is alone. Completely alone. On a a survival trip. The game let you feel how it must be if you fight for your existence – and sometimes it’s very harsh. It’s no game for people who cannot live with frustrations – who cannot survive. Survival of the fittest.

You drive per boat from island to island, sleep in abandoned houses, meet aggressive animals and – have to survive.

The game has a specific look and the atmosphere is like in old movies about the Yellow Stone Parc and scout projects. And I think it is a game who should appeal to Americans.

Is it worth the money? If you like short, challenging survival games without a great variety in gameplay –only surviving!–, I would say yes. The rest – go back to action games or your open world stuff. I don’t think you will be happy with this indie game. You will not have the breath to survive…

The Good

+ Good atmosphere

+ Special graphic style

+ Survival to the bones

The Bad

– Boring soundtrack

– No gameplay variety

– Very short

Soup Verdict: The soup tastes stale for people who like action, fire and trouble, for the others it’s a good snack in the afternoon.


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