Totaku Launching Amiibo-Inspired Character Figurines

Totaku Launching Amiibo-Inspired Character Figurines

Totaku is a brand new lineup of products featuring game characters closely linked or related to Sony PlayStation.

At first glance, one might think Sony has released their very own competitor to the highly successful amiibo, Nintendo’s figurines which have the ability to interact with games. Fortunately other than the design and style of Totaku and its very amiibo-like packaging, these figurines do not have any NFC chip and cannot interact with games.

According to GameSoul, each Totaku figure is about 10cm tall and the first wave is scheduled to launch on March 23, 2018 worldwide for USD9.99 each. Characters in the first wave include Sackboy, Feisar FX350, Crash Bandicoot, Heihachi Mishima, The Hunter, and Parappa. The bases of each Totaku are shaped like a cross so you can interlock the bases of different characters together.

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