Game Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 (Switch)

Game Review: Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 (Switch)

The Mega Man Legacy Collecton finally arrives on the Nintendo Switch.  This is the Blue Bomber’s first appearance on Nintendo’s newest home console ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Mega Man 11. Mega Man is a legendary video game character and his impact is still felt on the industry today. Capcom seems to be gearing up hype for their flagship character by re-releasing the classics. This collection includes the original 10 Mega Man games in an exciting new package. The game also includes additional content including new modes and challenges, and also exclusive amiibo functionality. The collection is brimming with content and is being sold for an attractive $39.99. So, how does this collection hold up? Mega Man was originally released over 30 years ago, but is it still challenging? Will Mega Man appeal to new and veteran players alike? Can I even beat the game after all these years? How does 1987 game fit into the gaming landscape of 2018?

First, a little bit of the narrative behind Mega Man. Mega Man was created from a robot designed by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily betrayed Dr. Light and turned his robots evil. Although, characters and settings change, the main plot of the game remains the same. In the later games, pre-game cut scenes were added to tell more of the story of each game.

Okay! Let’s dive in!


Mega Man is a classic 2-D side-scrolling platforming game at its core. You move the blue bomber from the left to the right. You are constantly attacked by a multitude of robotic baddies with different means of attack. You are able to attack back with your Mega Buster or you can simply dodge their attacks by jumping. There are many hurdles and pitfalls within the stages, so you must keep the controls tight. Typically, you hit a wall at some point in the stage and must drop down or go above, but be careful where you land! At the end of each level, you must battle a boss. Those main baddies, called Robot Masters, grant Mega Man a special ability that will assist him further in the game. Now, you can choose the order in which you’d like to play the levels, but there is a way to play the game that creates an easier way to beat the game. You get a health bar was depletes as you are attacked, but you can also replenish it by defeating enemies or collecting power-ups. In later games you get further assistance by assistance character, Rush, and additional weapons like the Mega Ball.


In the collection, the graphics range from 8-bit, to 16-bit, to 32-bit and back to 8-bit. However, the colors and textures remain as vibrant as ever. The legacy collection really does preserve the legacy and introduce a whole new generation to the classic graphics. The music invigorates the gameplay and enhances the atmosphere of the games. Sometimes it is tranquil, sometimes it is energetic, but it always adds to what we are playing.


Mega Man Legacy Collection packages together a wonderful value of entertainment; 10 solid games with endless replay value! While difficult, the games are addicting and a lot of fun. I couldn’t help but smile as I died countless times. There is something quite endearing about the Mega Man, where the games are very difficult, but completing a level feels so incredibly great. The replayability is incomparable. The Mega Man games live because fans love to replay these games and compare their results. The level of fun and difficulty in these games never die.


The legacy collection really does a superb job at preserving every wonderful about Mega Man. It gives a new audience a chance at enjoying the triumph and joy in playing as the blue bomber. These games are by no means easy, in fact they are still quite difficult. However, they are a lot of fun and provide an enjoyable challenge. The visuals provide a nostalgic comfort as well as a visual excursion. I  appreciate the fact that Capcom offered up some new content, however the collection really didn’t need it. Also, the additional content didn’t do much to add to the value of the games. If anything, this collection reinvigorated older fans and reminded them of what they may have forgotten about. Also, it may have gotten new fans excited for the future of Mega Man!


  • Preserved content
  • The fair price
  • The difficulty


  • The lackluster bonus content

THE SOUP VERDICT: This hearty cup of soup still makes my heart happy.

A review code was provided by Capcom for the purpose of this review