Glace Reboot Spirit Of Glace Announced For Nintendo Switch

Glace Reboot Spirit Of Glace Announced For Nintendo Switch

Glace, one of the most popular freeware games in 2004, has received a complete reboot and expansion called Spirit of Glace.

The new game has been announced for Nintendo Switch, though we will have to wait for release date and pricing details.

Trailer and details below:

Tommy Visic, creator of the hugely popular 2004 platformer Glace today announces its reinvention, Spirit of Glace, with a debut trailer.

Spirit of Glace is not a sequel, but a complete reboot and expansion of the original adventure, refreshed with community feedback, gorgeous pixel art, an open world, and fast-paced, reinvented platforming gameplay.

Previously reviewed as “one of the greatest freeware game[s] of all time.” “a platformer that harks back to the golden days of Super Nintendo.” and even described by Coin Arcade as their “favourite indie games of all-time.” – Visic’s 2004 title Glace was played by millions, and Spirit of Glace looks to embrace that nostalgia, and use it in making a successor that draws on classic 80’s gaming for a contemporary audience.

Creator and lead developer Tommy Visic said “It’s been so much fun hearing from fans of the game over the years, and I always wanted to go back and revisit the world of Glace.

I can’t express how honored I am to learn there’s still a community of players who love Glace and want to rally behind the new project.

I draw so much inspiration from them.

Glace fans can join the Spirit of Glace Discord server for news and to help shape the new game as it’s under an open development model.

The community is also working together to update the original 2004 game with bug fixes and improvements.