Grip Clip Kickstarter Goes Live July 24th

Grip Clip Kickstarter Goes Live July 24th

We covered an intriguing accessory a few weeks ago called the Grip Clip. Here’s an update on this upcoming kickstarter project.


The Grip Clip has gathered attention because of its dockable nature and compatability with single Joy-Cons. Below is the latest update on the project.

The Grip Clip is a unique grip accessory for the Nintendo Switch that attaches to the Joy-Cons directly which allows it to be used in handheld and docked mode.

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I’ve had some very positive feedback towards the project so far from online Nintendo Switch focused forums. I’ve reached the top post of the Nintendo Switch sub-reddit 2 times (link here). The sub-reddit has over 1.2 million subscribers so I’m confident that it’s a product people are interested in and will want to purchase.
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The Kickstarter for the project will go live on July 24th.

What do you think about this accessory? Let us know below.


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