Guide: How To Catch Calyrex And Its Steeds In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Guide: How To Catch Calyrex And Its Steeds In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The Crown Tundra DLC for Pokemon Sword And Shield introduces a brand new Legendary Pokemon called Calyrex, said to have once ruled over the Galar region in ancient times.

Calyrex is the mascot Pokemon for the Crown Tundra DLC, and plays a major role in the DLC’s main story. As the plot progresses, players will not only get a chance to capture Calyrex, but they will also encounter two other new Pokemon that have yet to be officially revealed by The Pokemon Company.

Below you will find a short guide explaining what to do in order to encounter and capture Calyrex as well as these other new Pokemon As this could be considered spoilers for the game, we have placed the guide behind a spoiler tag:

  • Calyrex and its steeds are encountered as part of the “Sacred Bonds Of Sovereign And Steed” story, which is activated after meeting Peony for the first time in the Crown Tundra.
  • The first step is to repair Calyrex’s statue in the town of Freezington, which you can do by collecting the missing piece from Peony’s Expedition HQ and placing it back on the statue.
  • After this, there will be a cutscene followed by a battle with Calyrex. After winning the battle, Calyrex will task you with helping to restore its powers by locating its long-lost steed.
  • To find its steed, players will be tasked with talking to the townspeople to find out more about Calyrex’s legend, and ultimately purchase some carrot seeds for 8 Dynite Ore.
  • The carrot seeds will be used to summon one of two possible horse Pokemon as Calyrex’s steed:
    • Glastrier
      • The Ice-Type Steed. Will be summoned if the carrot seeds are planted in the Icy Area.
    • Spectrier
      • The Ghost-Type Steed. Will be summoned if the carrot seeds are planted in the Old Cemetary.
    • Choose carefully, as once the Steed is chosen, the other will not be available to capture in the same playthrough.
  • Once the Steed is chosen, players will have to battle it in Freezington. After winning, they will obtain the Mane Hair key item.
  • At this point, Calyrex will pass the player the Radiant Petal key item, which can be combined with the Mane Hair back at the Mayor’s House to obtain the Reigns Of Unity.
  • Players can then make their way to the Crown Shrine where Calyrex is waiting. Using the Reigns Of Unity, Calyrex will combine with his Steed into either its Ice Rider or Shadow Rider forms.
  • Now, players can battle Calyrex again in order to capture it in its fused form.
  • Once Calyrex has been captured, the Reigns Of Unity can be used to unfuse it back into its base form and the Steed Pokemon.

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