Guide: How To Complete June’s Wedding Season Event In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Guide: How To Complete June’s Wedding Season Event In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed the Wedding Season event for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can take various wedding-style photos.

With the event going live in some parts of the world, more details about how the event works are surfacing online. This includes how to complete the event daily, as well as the numerous rewards you can redeem for doing so.

If you’re interested in participating in the event, here is a quick guide for how to do so below:

Starting The Event

  • The event will run from June 1st to June 30th
  • Ensure that your system’s date and time matches that of the event (relevant if you time travel), and that your game is updated to the latest version.
  • Connect to the internet to activate the event
  • If the event was activated successfully, Isabelle will talk about it in the opening announcements.

Playing The Event

  • Players can participate in the event by going to Harv’s Island, where they will meet Cyrus and Reese.
  • Cyrus and Reese will explain that they want to take wedding photos, so it’s up to players to help them arrange the scenery for the photoshoot.
  • Arrange wedding-themed items in a room with Cyrus and Reese before taking a photo. The last photo will be evaluated.
  • Each day, you will earn one piece of wedding-themed furniture and Heart Crystals (read further down to see what you can redeem with Heart Crystals) based on the quality of the photo you took.
  • This can be repeated daily, to accumulate different rewards and more Heart Crystals.

Taking Photos of Different Wedding Themes Each Day

  • Each day of the event will require you to take a different wedding theme. For example: the wedding ceremony itself, or a reception-style party (where you’ll need to add other villagers into the photo!).
  • These themes appear to be fixed for everyone, as per the table below:
1st dayCeremony
2nd dayReception
3rd dayCeremony
4th dayReception
5th dayCeremony
6th dayReception-Style Party
7th day“Chic”
8th dayGarden
9th dayCute

After day 7, the three themes of Chic, Garden, and Cute will rotate.

Redeeming Heart Crystals

  • Heart Crystals can be redeemed for even more wedding-themed items.
  • Not all items will be redeemable at the start. You have to complete at least 7 photoshoots before the whole catalog is revealed to you.
  • It takes around 261 Heart Crystals to redeem every item.

The catalog of wedding items you can redeem with Heart Crystals is as follows:

  • Wedding Bench – Heart Crystal (×5)
  • Wedding Decoration – Heart Crystal (×3)
  • White wedding wall – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • White wedding flooring – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Blue wedding rug – Heart Crystal (×4)
  • Wedding table – Heart Crystal (×6)
  • Wedding chair – Heart Crystal (×3)
  • Wedding-party wall – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Wedding flower stand – Heart Crystal (×4)
  • Wedding candle set – Heart Crystal (×4)
  • Wedding head table – Heart Crystal (×6)
  • Wedding cake – Heart Crystal (×5)
  • Wedding pipe organ – Heart Crystal (×40)
  • Wedding arch – Heart Crystal (×20)
  • Brown wedding wall – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Green wedding wall – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Brown wedding flooring – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Green wedding flooring – Heart Crystal (×12)
  • Red wedding rug – Heart Crystal (×4)
  • White wedding rug – Heart Crystal (×4)
  • Cake dress – Heart Crystal (×20)
  • Wedding tuxedo – Heart Crystal (×20)
  • Wedding pumps – Heart Crystal (×6)
  • Wedding shoes – Heart Crystal (×6)
  • Bridal veil – Heart Crystal (×12)

That’s the gist of the event for now. We’ll update this post if we learn more details in the future – so watch this page!