Guide: Monster Hunter Rise High Rank Hub Key Quests

Guide: Monster Hunter Rise High Rank Hub Key Quests

Are you ready for High Rank? Here are the list for the High Rank Hub Quest! Get ready as monsters will have some new moves and they will hit harder than before! Get your mega potions ready.

Hub 4 Star Quests
Choose 5

The Swirling Gale
Hunt a Great Izuchi

Divine Comedy
Hunt an Arzuros and a Kulu-Ya-Ku

Didn’t Get the Memo
Hunt 2 Great Baggi

Dancing A-Purr-ition
Hunt an Aknosom

The Frost Islands Arena
Hunt a Tetranadon

Even Cute Things have Fangs
Hunt a Lagombi

Night of the Khezu
Hunt a Khezu

The Restless Swamp
Hunt a Jyuratodus

Hub 5 Star Quests
Choose 5

Foul Play in the Forst
Hunt a Royal Ludroth

Rise above the Mud
Hunt a Barroth

Bowled Over
Hunt 2 Volvidon

Rotten Fruit
Hunt a Bishaten

Go Away, Pukei!
Hunt a Pukei-Pukei

Miner Problem
Hunt a Basarios

Charmed by a Queen
Hunt a Rathian

A Bewitching Dance
Hunt a Mizutsune

Hub 6 Star Quest
Choose 5

Skies Flash, Clouds Boom
Hunt a Zinogre

A Somniferous Elegy
Hunt a Somnacanth

Sharpening Amber Fangs
Hunt a Barioth

Skies are Gray
Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi

Closer Than it Appears
Hunt an Anjanath

The Abyss Stares Back
Hunt a Nargacuga

Red Skies at Night
Hunt a Rathalos

Clearing 3/5 6 Star Quests Unlocks:
Serpent God of Wind
Rampage Quest

Can’t Kill It with Fire
Hunt a Rakna-Kadaki

Hub 7 Star Quests
Choose 5

It’s Gonna Get You
Hunt a Goss Harag

Clad in Hellfire
Hunt a Magnamalo

A Muddy Invitation
Hunt an Almudron

Subterranean Disturbances
Hunt a Diablos

A Resounding Roar
Hunt a Tigrex

Evil Afoot
Hunt a Rajang

Serpent Goddess of Thunder
Slay the Thunder Serpent Narwa

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This guide was contributed by Melvin.