Guide: Monster Hunter Rise Low Rank Hub Key Quests

Guide: Monster Hunter Rise Low Rank Hub Key Quests

So you have decided to tackle low rank in the gathering hub? Get ready to rise to the occasion as you will be facing some daunting foes. Remember to eat some dangos before heading off!

Hub 1 Star Quest
Choose 4

Shady Monster
Hunt an Aknosom

Tired and Feathered
Hunt a Kulu-Ya-ku

Jumped in the Frost Islands
Hunt a Great Izuchi

No cure for the Common Baggi
Hunt A Great Baggi

A Snowball’s Chance…
Hunt a Lagombi

Wroggi Place, Wroggi Time
Himt a Great Wroggi

Dead Ringer
Hunt a Tetranadon

Hub 2 Star Quest
Choose 5

I Want Off This Ride
Hunt a Bishaten

Way of the Pukei
Hunt a Pukei-Pukei

The Flooding Flooded Forest
Hunt a Royal Ludroth

So MUddy Hardheaded!
Hunt a Barroth

A Pale Shadow
Hunt a Khezu

Reinventing the Wheel
Hunt a Volvidon

Blasted Basarios!
Hunt a Basarios

The Path to Royalty
Hunt a Rathian

Hunt a Magnamalo

Hub 3 Star Quest
Choose 6

Beckoning Slumber
Hunt a Somnacanth

The Blizzard Blender
Hunt a Goss Harag

Zigzagging Zapper
Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi

Down ‘n’ Dirty
Hunt an Almudron

Bully of the Caverns
Hunt an Anjanath

Twilit Twin Stars
Hunt a Nargacuga

My Muse the Mizutsune
Hunt a Mizutsune

Chapmion of the Caverns
Hunt a Rathalos

Wavering Moon and Thunder
Hunt a Zinogre

White Knight vs. Hunter
Hunt a Barioth

A Friend in Need
Hunt a Tigrex

A Few Bumps Along the Way
Hunt a Diablos

The Blue Apex
Rampage Quest

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This guide was contributed by Melvin.