Guide: Monster Hunter Rise Village Key Quests

Guide: Monster Hunter Rise Village Key Quests

Get ready to help Kamura Village with these village quests! Don’t worry as the quests are paced at a beginner-friendly rate to help you transition into the world of Monster Hunter Rise!

Village 1 star
Choose 2
Roly-poly Lanterns
Deliver 8 Firelanterns

Fungal Frustrations
Deliver 8 Unique Mushrooms

Unpious Peons
Slay 8 Jagras

Great Izuchi, Great Pain
Hunt a Great Izuchi

Village 2 star
Choose 4
Grizzly Glutton
Hunt an Arzuros

Plump and Juicy
Deliver 10 Raftshells

A Frosty Paradise
Slay 10 Baggi

Out Cold
Hunt a Great Baggi

Rabid Rabbit
Hunt a Lagombi

Feathered Frenzy
Hunt an Aknosom

Village 3 star
Choose 4
Can’t Stomach the Thought
Hunt a Tetranadon

Walking on Eggshells
Hunt a Kulu-Ya-Ku

Fightin’ Dirty
Hunt a Barroth

Obnoxious Lord, Noxious Monster
Hunt a Great Wroggi

Spongy Oasis
Hunt a Royal Ludroth

Monkey Wrench in Your Plans
Hunt a Bishaten

Village 4 Star
Choose 5
Infernal Lacrimosa
Hunt a Somnacanth

Raging White-out
Hunt a Barioth

The Queen’s Procession
Hunt a Rathian

Streaking Shadow
Hunt a Tobi-Kadachi

A Song of Red and Fire
Hunt a Volvidon

Off Your Rocker
Hunt a Basarios

Clearing 3/5 Key Quests unlocks:
Special License Test 1
Hunt an Aknosom and a Rathian

Hunt Magnamalo

Village 5 Star
Choose 4
Wind Speed Wyvern
Hunt a Nargacuga

ELectrifying Ephiphany
Hunt a Zinogre

Nocturnal Tracker
Hunt an Anjanath

Waltzing by Moonlight
Hunt a Mizutsune

Rathalos Alert!
Hunt a Rathalos

Clearing 3/5 Key Quests unlocks:
Special License Test 2
Hunt all target monsters (Great Izuchi, Bishaten, Magnamalo)

Hermit of the Swamp
Hunt an Almudron

Clearing Hermit of the Swamp Unlocks:
Special License Test 3
Hunt all target monsters (Rathalos, Zinogre, Almudron)

Clearing all Special License Tests unlocks:
The Blue Apex
Rampage Quest

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This guide was contributed by Melvin.