[UPDATE] Guide: Useful Recipes For The Cram-o-matic In Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle Of Armor DLC

[UPDATE] Guide: Useful Recipes For The Cram-o-matic In Pokemon Sword/Shield Isle Of Armor DLC

One of the new features introduced in the Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle Of Armor DLC is the Cram-o-matic, which allows players to combine items together to create new ones.

The items that can be created via the Cram-o-matic include rare types of Pokeballs, useful held-items, as well as the coveted Ability Capsules and Gold Bottle Caps. However, as there are literally thousands of potential combinations, it can be quite difficult for players to get the items they want without knowing the right recipe.

Over the past few days, Pokemon fans have been gathering recipes for the Cram-o-matic either via trial-and-error, or by purchasing them from the character Hyde for 100 Watts.

Below are just a few of the more useful recipes players have discovered for easier reference:

Apricot Balls

  • Rare types of Pokeballs can be created by feeding Apricots to the Cram-o-matic.
  • Apricots can be found across the Isle Of Armor, either by shaking trees or obtaining them from NPCs.
  • The type of ball that is created is mostly random, but using more Apricots of a specific color increases the likelihood of a specific type of ball being created:
    • Mostly Red Apricots ~ Level Ball, Repeat Ball
    • Mostly Blue Apricots ~ Dive Ball, Lure Ball, Net Ball
    • Mostly Green Apricots ~ Friend Ball, Nest Ball, Safari Ball
    • Mostly Yellow Apricots ~ Moon Ball, Quick Ball
    • Mostly Pink Apricots ~ Heal Ball, Love Ball
    • Mostly Black Apricots ~ Dusk Ball, Heavy Ball, Luxury Ball
    • Mostly White Apricots ~ Fast Ball, Timer Ball
    • Any Apricots ~ Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Sport Ball

General Items

  • Each of the items that can be obtained from the Cram-o-matic has a specific “type” and “point value”
  • In order to obtain a specific item, the first item the player inserts must correspond to the desired item’s specific “type”, while all the inserted items’ point values must add up to be in the same range as the desired item.
    • For example, if the player wants a Wide Lens, the first item they insert into the Cram-o-matic must be a Dark-Type, and the total point values of all the items inserted must be between 21-30.
    • A list of elemental type and point values for all items can be found here.
  • Certain recipes, such as the ones for Ability Capsules and Gold Bottle Caps, have specific recipes that do not follow the type system. Using those recipes will always yield those items no matter what.
  • Below is a list of simple recipes for specific items that players might find useful:

Useful Held-Items

  • Bright Powder (Bug, 31-40) ~ Four Shed Shells
  • White Herb (Grass, 31-40)~ 1 Leftovers, 3 Hondew Berries
  • Everstone (Rock, 51-60)~ 4 Hard Stones
  • Light Ball (Electric, 81-90) ~ 1 Thunderstone, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Life Orb (Dragon, 81-90)~ 1 Dynamax candy, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Toxic Orb (Poison, 21-30)~ 4 Qualot Berries
  • Flame Orb (Fire, 21-30)~ 4 Fire Stones
  • Destiny Knot (Fairy, 81-90) ~ 1 Pink Apricot, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Eviolite (Rock, 101-110)~ 1 Star Piece, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Rocky Helmet (Rock, 71-80)~ 4 Everstones
  • Air Balloon (Flying, 51-60)~ 1 Mago Berry, 1 Balm Mushroom, 1 Big Mushroom, 1 Rare Bone
  • Assault Vest (Steel, 81-90)~ 1 Babiri Berry, 3 Wishing Pieces

Evolution Items

  • Oval Stone (Rock, 21-30)~ 1 Wiki Berry, 3 Pearls
  • King’s Rock (Dragon, 101-110)~ 1 Dragon Fang, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Metal Coat (Steel, 61-70)~ 4 Iron Balls
  • Dragon Scale (Dragon, 71-80) ~ 4 Dragon Fangs
  • Up-Grade (Electric, 71-80)~ 2 Pecha Berries, 2 PP Ups
  • Protector (Rock, 61-70)~ 1 Lagging Tail, 3 Light Clay
  • Dubious Disc (Electric, 101-110)~ 1 Light Ball, 3 Wishing Pieces
  • Razor Claw (Ice, 71-80) ~ 1 Icy Rock, 1 Pomeg Berry, 1 PP Max, 1 Galarica Cuff
  • Prism Scale (Water, 71-80)~ 2 Big Pearls, 2 Balm Mushrooms
  • Whipped Dream (Fairy, 71-80) ~ 1 Roseli Berry, 3 Balm Mushrooms
  • Satchet (Fairy, 51-60)~ 1 Clover Sweet, 1 Sitrus Berry, 1 Exp. Candy XL, 1 Liechi Berry

Other Useful Items

  • Ability Capsule (Guaranteed) ~ 4 Rare Candies
  • Gold Bottle Cap (Guaranteed)~ 4 Bottle Caps

Of course, this is hardly an exhaustive list of all the possible combinations and the items they yield. If you’re interested finding out the full details of how the Cram-o-matic works, you can find them via Serebii.net here.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

[UPDATE]: In the time since this article was originally published, more details have surfaced about how the Cram-o-matic actually works, and we have updated this guide accordingly.