Here’s Everything We Know About Toby Fox’s ‘Deltarune’

Here’s Everything We Know About Toby Fox’s ‘Deltarune’

It’s been 24 hours since Undertale creator Toby Fox released his new and mysterious game ‘Deltarune’. After experiencing it for ourselves, we can finally share some really juicy tidbits about what it’s all about.

For those are interested in playing Deltarune, and have not done so at  – do not read any further. There will be spoilers.

For starters, the game has strange connection to the Undertale universe. Instead of the dark and depressing Underground, monsters seem to be living peacefully on the surface. Multiple Undertale characters make a reappearance, but they are not really the same people that Undertale fans love.

For example, Undyne has both her eyes intact – whereas she wore an eyepatch in Undertale. In fact, several characters who became friends in Undertale are complete strangers in Deltarune. The game is definitely does not seem to be a direct sequel to Undertale – and some speculate that it takes place in an alternate universe.

Well, at least everyone’s favorite mother figure Toriel still seems the same.

That’s not all that’s changed in subtle ways. Undertale’s unique battle system makes a return as well, with a lot of improvements.

You still have to avoid attacks in bullet-hell segments, while choosing to ‘FIGHT’ or ‘SPARE’ enemies. However, players now control two new party members, as well: Ralsei and Susie  – whom can use special ‘MAGIC’ commands. Undertale veterans will have to manage multiple health bars, instead of just their own.

Basically, It seems like Toby Fox took what was great in Undertale and added a lot more depth to it.

Finally, the game seems to have its own unique story theme as well. The game begins by asking the player to build their own character – but then discards it immediately after, telling the player that their choices don’t actually matter. Later on, players will discover that they cannot control Susie’s violent tendencies – so she attacks enemies on her own. A lot of the game seems to emphasize taking choices away from the player.

The best part is that this release is only the FIRST chapter of Deltarune. The game ends with by teasing that it will continue in ‘Chapter 2’ – so we’ll still have wait and see how its story and gameplay develop. All in all, it seems like Toby Fox has a long-term plan to release this game as episodes over time!

The only pity is that the game is stuck on PC and Mac, for now. Let’s hope that it’ll also hit the Nintendo Switch someday, so players can take this awesome Undertale follow-up on the go!