Undertale Creator Launches New Game ‘Deltarune’

Undertale Creator Launches New Game ‘Deltarune’

Just earlier, we reported that Undertale creator Toby Fox had launched a new website. After checking the site out, we have some interesting news to report.

As it turns out, Toby Fox is giving Undertale fans a Halloween treat. The website actually leads to a download of the creator’s newest project – simply called ‘Deltarune‘.

The above screenshot is all we’ll reveal for now – the rest is pretty interesting, and should be experienced first-hand on .

UPDATE: The game will give most Windows computers a warning, as it is not a widely-recognized program. If you need help, check out Toby Fox’s advice below.

EDIT: We have removed a previous screenshot of the game’s battle system. We hope to respect Toby Fox’s wish of minimizing coverage around the game for the next 24 hours.