Here’s How The 2019 Pokemon Osechi Looks Like

Here’s How The 2019 Pokemon Osechi Looks Like

The Pokemon Company and Kyousaimi have teamed up to make Pokemon Osechi for 2019.

At the beginning of every new year, the Japanese eat Osechi, food which are stored in special bento boxes. As it’s considered taboo to cook during the first 3 days of the new year, Osechi are prepared in advance. Dishes in the Osechi bento boxes have special symbolic meaning.

Similar to last year’s Osechi, the 2019 Pokemon Osechi comes in a giant Poke Ball bento box. Inside the bento box, you’ll find many different compartments filled with traditional and healthy Japanese food. The Osechi comes with a pair of Pikachu chopsticks.

The food in Osechi is supposed to be consumed in a specific order, and each come with different meanings (longevity, good health, fortune, etc). 2019 Pokemon Osechi is now available for pre-order for 9800 yen (USD86) in Japan. Reserve here (ships within Japan only, arrives December 30).


Tier One

Pikachu Oobuku: 3 pieces
Matcha Swiss Roll: 2 pieces
Crabstick Cheese Roll: 2 pieces
Tamagoyaki: 1 piece
Hamburger Demisauce: 2 pieces
Mashed Sweet Potato with Sweetened Chestnuts: 70g
Mini Cheese Serve: 2 pieces
Red Kidney Bean Carrot with Vinegar: 45g
Salted Salmon Roe: 5g
Crab Claw: 2 pieces
Mokoromomo Sweetened Boiled Fish: 2 pieces
Sakura Daikon: 2 pieces

Tier Two

Red White Kamaboko: 2 pieces
Datemaki: 2 pieces
Tatakigobou: 40g
Festival Shrimp: 2 pieces
Hitokuchi Kobumaki: 4 pieces
Herring Roe: 2 pieces
Kumquat Fish: 2 pieces
Anchovies: 10g
Black Soybeans: 15g
Three Colored Dango on a Stick: 1 piece
Small Ooboku: 5 pieces