Have A Look At The Pokemon Osechi Meal For 2018

Have A Look At The Pokemon Osechi Meal For 2018

With a couple of months to the beginning of 2018, Kenkosansai has started to take pre-orders for official Pokemon Osechi meals.

At the beginning of every new year, the Japanese eat Osechi, food which are stored in special bento boxes. As it’s considered taboo to cook during the first 3 days of the new year, Osechi are prepared in advance. Dishes in the Osechi bento boxes have special symbolic meaning.

The 2018 Pokemon Osechi comes in a giant PokeBall bento box. The box has two compartments storing food. The first compartment features dishes such as meat rolls, egg, salmon roe, and Pikachu pastries.

The second compartment contains more traditional Osechi dishes such as prawns, black soybeans, and Tazukuri.

As a small bonus, every Pokemon Osechi set purchased comes with 2 small plates featuring Rockruff and a Pokemon themed Luncheon mat.

If you’re living in Japan, the Pokemon Osechi is now available for pre-order for 10,584 yen here. It ships on December 30, 2017.