Here’s More Photos Of A Pokemon Wedding In Japan

Here’s More Photos Of A Pokemon Wedding In Japan

The Pokemon Company has shared photos of their newly launched Pokemon Wedding service in Japan.

The new photos show the decorations and interior of the venue for the Pokemon Wedding, the food that guests are served, wedding cake, and gifts. Check them out below:

First is the church service where two Wedding Pikachu mascots make an appearance with the bride and groom:

The Pokemon Wedding marriage form one can receive from a bridal fair:

A look at some of the decorations, featuring a Wedding Pikachu couple:

Now a look at some of the appetizers served to the guests:

Time to roll out the wedding cake! Can you spot the different types of Poke Balls?

Every cup of champagne comes with a Poke Ball! Here’s the main course and dessert:

The groom and the bride make their grand appearance!

Gifts for guests include Baumkuchen (a type of pastry) and black tea engimono.

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