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Boxart For North America, Includes Download Code For Resident Evil | NintendoSoup
Here’s Resident Evil Origins Collection Boxart For North America, Includes Download Code For Resident Evil

Here’s Resident Evil Origins Collection Boxart For North America, Includes Download Code For Resident Evil

Amazon has updated its listing for Resident Evil Origins Collection to include the official boxart cover for North America.

This cover has now confirmed that Resident Evil 0 will be available on a Game Card but with Resident Evil redeemable via download code. Resident Evil will take up 14.4GB of space according to eShop.

“Includes Game Cartridge for Resident Evil 0 and a Download Code for Resident Evil”

Amazon has also listed that the game will be offered for USD 59.99. Both titles are scheduled to launch May 21, 2019.

Check out the boxart and details below:

About the product

  • Return to the series origins – Discover the truth behind the horrors in the Resident Evil mansion, as well as what led up to them, in these titles which mark the beginning of the Resident Evil timeline.
  • Relive the classic horror in either its original settings or modified to modern-day standards
  • Play as Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 0 – After completing the main campaign, players will be able to take control of the fan-favorite series antagonist, complete with his Uroboros powers from Resident Evil 5, to wreak havoc in the all new Wesker Mode
  • Play Anywhere: Play Resident Evil Origins Collection on the go using the Nintendo Switch system’s handheld or tabletop mode