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Hideki Kamiya Feels Upset That His Followers Don’t Want To Work With Him

Hideki Kamiya Feels Upset That His Followers Don’t Want To Work With Him

Today we have some interesting news to share with you about PlatinumGames Vice President and Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya.

A few days ago, Kamiya asked his followers a simple question – if they joined PlatinumGames as a game developer, which team would they want to be part of? 45% chose to work with Takahisa Taura, who supervised Astral Chain, 35% chose to work with Kamiya, and 20% selected neither of them:

A few moments later, he conducted another poll, asking a similar question but this time it encompasses the Japanese video game industry. 44% wanted to work with Nier: Automata creator Yoko Taro, 22% chose Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai, 19% went with Hideo Kojima, and 15% chose Hideki Kamiya.

As you can tell, Hideki Kamiya received the lowest number of votes in both polls. He felt wounded by the results (translated by NintendoSoup):

“This is impossible… how could the results turn out like this?



“I get it, you guys wouldn’t want to work with me” (thanks to PushDustin for correcting us!)

“So now should I be called ‘the man who the video game industry doesn’t want to work with the most?’ “

Some Kamiya followers decided to cheer him up, with some saying that they would “work for him for free”.

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