Japan: Nintendo Switch Sales Outpacing PS4 By 2 to 1

Japan: Nintendo Switch Sales Outpacing PS4 By 2 to 1

It has been 24 weeks since the Nintendo Switch launched in Japan and the entire world. The hybrid console has sold over 1 million units thanks to Splatoon 2 and a lineup of big hits in recent months.

Besides beating Nintendo’s own expectations, the Nintendo Switch has been beating its other home console rival, the PS4, really badly. A quick analysis shows Nintendo Switch sales in Japan have outpaced the PS4 by 2 to 1.

In its first 6 months, the Nintendo Switch sold a cumulative total of 1,436,031 units. On the other hand, the PS4 only managed to move 653,377 units during its first 6 months. This means the Nintendo Switch has sold more than double the units PS4 did in the same duration of time!

Here’s a look at how each console has sold in their first 24 weeks.

Week 1329,152309,154
Week 261,99865,685
Week 349,91335,294
Week 478,44129,677
Week 545,50930,201
Week 641,19323,327
Week 745,67313,401
Week 848,69413,034
Week 976,67914,396
Week 1047,91112,712
Week 1124,71211,486
Week 1226,1148,480
Week 1327,1466,792
Week 1423,5247,543
Week 1527,2916,508
Week 1637,7099,466
Week 1722,3618,395
Week 1825,8057,009
Week 1926,2568,059
Week 2031,9067,876
Week 2198,9997,150
Week 2289,3146,456
Week 2361,9335,581
Week 2487,7985,695

Figures taken from Media-Create

If Nintendo is able to deliver at least 80,000 units weekly to the Japanese market, there’s a high possibility the Nintendo Switch would cross 3 million units sold in Japan alone. All Nintendo needs to do is to fix the shortage before the end of this year.