Japanese Gamers Surprised To Find Their Nintendo Switch Working During Power Outages

Japanese Gamers Surprised To Find Their Nintendo Switch Working During Power Outages

This week has been a really rough week in Japan – the Kansai region was battered by Typhoon Jebi, while Hokkaido was wrecked by a powerful earthquake that knocked out power in the entire island.

It was only during times like these when Japanese users were reminded about the power of Nintendo Switch – to be able to play even after power goes out. Some were even surprised to see their save data in tact!

Here are some tweets from surprised gamers:

“Wow, I have never thought I’d be saved by (Nintendo Switch) at such a time…”

“The ability to play Nintendo Switch even after the power has been knocked out is amazing. Thank you Nintendo!”

“Switch is amazing. I’m still able to play Mario Tennis Aces even during a power outage.”

“I was watching a movie when the electricity went out, so I just started playing my Nintendo Switch in Handheld Mode. It’s really useful.”

“In my all-electric home which is currently out of power,

I can’t use the lights.

I can’t watch TV.

I can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

I can’t use the fridge.

I can’t use the air-con.

I can’t use my onsen.

I have to use the portable stove.

I can’t use the toilet’s bidet.

But the ability to play the Nintendo Switch in a power outage is incredible.”

“I can’t use everything, but I can only play my Nintendo Switch..”

“Playing my Nintendo Switch during a typhoon.


Oh no my save data… F*CK!

Swaps from TV Mode to Handheld Mode

Nintendo gets 5 stars!”

“When a power outage occurs..

  1. Check whether the 3DS still has any battery. If there is, I’ll play it.
  2. Once the 3DS dies, I’ll play my Switch.
  3. Appreciate the boot up sound of my laptop
  4. Prepare to die when my smartphone battery runs out
  5. I’m going to remember this.”

“When I first bought my Nintendo Switch I did not know whether I should play my PS4 or my Nintendo Switch. But I’m able to report now that the power has run out, the Switch is able to wipe the sad faces off the children instantly.”

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