Jikkyou Powerful Puroyakyu amiibo Cards Announced In Japan

Jikkyou Powerful Puroyakyu amiibo Cards Announced In Japan

Big news, amiibo collectors – the first ever lineup of third party amiibo cards have been announced in Japan.

Konami Digital Entertainment is putting out a set of amiibo cards compatible with Jikkyou Powerful Puroyakyu. The good news is there are only six amiibo cards to collect, while the bad news is out of the six, five are exclusive to different retailers as pre-order bonuses, so you have to buy the same game five times to get the complete set.

The amiibo cards can do two things in Jikkyou Powerful Puroyakyu. The first thing is by tapping the card you can receive a very powerful item (once a day). The second thing is you can load the item you have received in Treasure Mode into your amiibo card.

Here are the amiibo cards and how you can obtain them:

amiibo card Pawapuro-Kun (included with all launch copies of the game)

amiibo card Ikari Mamoru (pre-order bonus exclusive to Apita/Piago, Aeon, Toys R Us, Don Kihoote, HMV & Books Online, Konami Style)

amiibo card Yabe Akio (pre-order bonus exclusive to Edion, Joshin, Bic Camera, Sofmap, Kojima, Yamada, Yodobashi, and Nojima)

amiibo card Hayakawa Aoi (pre-order bonus exclusive to Amazon Japan) – buy here (ships worldwide)

amiibo card Gandaa (pre-order bonus exclusive to Game Tsutaya, Furuhonichiba, Futaba Books, Rakuten Books, WonderGOO)

amiibo card Daijoubu Hakase (pre-order bonus exclusive to GEO)

Will you collect them? Let us know in the comments.