Kanahei Animals Illustrator And Pokemon Center Team Up For Some Adorable Merchandise

Kanahei Animals Illustrator And Pokemon Center Team Up For Some Adorable Merchandise

Ever heard of Kanahei Animals? They are a pair of animals (Piske the bird and Usagi the rabbit) which frequently appear on LINE, Facebook, and iMessage as stickers.

If you’re a fan of Kanahei Animals and Pokemon, here’s a piece of good news – the illustrator behind Kanahei Animals, Mr. Kanahei himself, has worked together with The Pokemon Company to design a new range of merchandise called Pokemon Yurutto.

The Pokemon in the Pokemon Yurutto line have all been given an artistic makeover in Kanahei’s famous style. Let’s take a look at some of the featured merchandise!

Standard size Pikachu and Dedenne plushies have been given the Kanahei treatment.

There are tote bags too!

There are two different Pokemon Yurutto smartphone covers to choose from.

The Pokemon Yurutto lineup will be released at Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Stores, and Amazon Japan on September 16, 2017. We’ll post a new article once it’s available on Amazon Japan!

Here’s the full lineup and more pictures of the merchandise.

Sakuma Drops (Candy) 400 yen
Cookies in Tin Can 900 yen
Huggable Cushion Bewear 4,800 yen
Standard Plush (Pikachu/Dedenne) 1,500 yen each
Mascot Keychain (Pikachu/Dedenne/Rowlet/Croagunk/Bewear) 1,000 yen each
Arcylic Keychain Collection 500 yen (10 designs to collect. Can’t be chosen)
Hand Towel (Pikachu/Dedenne/Rowlet) 500 yen each
Mini Pass Case (Playing In The Sea) 1,920 yen
Melamine Cup (Playing In The Sea/A Stroll In The Forest) 600 yen each
Kinchaku Pouch (Fuwanfuwante/Runrunpappa) 680 yen each
Flat Pouch 1,200 yen
Wire Pouch 1,500 yen
Pen Pouch 1,000 yen
Wide Tote Bag 2,000 yen
Tote Bag 3,000 yen
Soft Jacket iPhone7 1,880 yen
Multi Smartphone Cover 3,000 yen
Arcylic Pass Case 1,120 yen
A4 Clear File Set (2 files in 1) (Playing In The Sea/A Stroll In The Forest) 460 yen each
Masking Tape (Mugyugyu/Momimomi) 600 yen each
Croquis Book 530 yen
3 Pairs Of Socks (Crew Socks Kids Size 3 types/Ankle Socks 6 types) 1,000 yen
Pokemon TCG Deck Case (Playing In The Sea/A Stroll In The Forest) 362 yen each
Pokemon TCG Deck Shield (PikachuMugyugyu/Pikachu And Dedenne/Gudetawa/Encounter) 720 yen each
Stickers (Blue/Green/Orange/Yellow/Peach) 350 yen each
A5 Notebook (2 in a set) 500 yen

Prices exclusive of 8% sales tax