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nci, sr, gq, 0g, Kong: Skull Island Director Has Seen Detective Pikachu, And Says It Breaks The 'Curse' Of Videogame Movies | NintendoSoup
Kong: Skull Island Director Has Seen Detective Pikachu, And Says It Breaks The ‘Curse’ Of Videogame Movies

Kong: Skull Island Director Has Seen Detective Pikachu, And Says It Breaks The ‘Curse’ Of Videogame Movies

It looks like the Detective Pikachu film is ready to blow audiences’ minds, according to a prominent director.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed Kong: Skull Island, has apparently seen the movie early – and has nothing to offer but praise. While videogame movie adaptations have had a history of flopping in the past (and possibly in the future), Jordan said that this will not be the case with Detective Pikachu! Check out his glowing comments below.

His words make us even more excited to see the film now! Let’s hope Jordan’s words will be shared by moviegoers, when the film finally launches in May 2019.