Learn How To Make Fluffy And Adorable Pokemon Pom-Pom

Learn How To Make Fluffy And Adorable Pokemon Pom-Pom

Japanese art and craft company Tezukuri Town has released two guide books that teaches people how to make Pokemon Pom-Pom.

Pom-Pom are “decorative ballsĀ  or tuft of fibrous material”. By using various materials of different shapes and sizes and fluffy Pom-Pom cotton, you can make Pom-Pom that look like Pokemon.

As of now there’s a Pokemon Pom-Pom guide book which teaches you how to make 32 different kinds of Pokemon. Here’s a quick look at some of the 32…

If you don’t want to source for the materials yourself, Tezukuri Town is releasing a Pikachu Pom-Pom Kit that comes with a guide teaching you how to make Pikachu Pom-Pom as well as the materials that are needed to make it.

The Pokemon Pom-Pom Guide Book can be ordered on Amazon Japan here and the Pikachu Pom-Pom Kit can be ordered here. Both are eligible for international shipping.

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