LEGO Ideas Campaign Started For Metroid Dread Play Set

LEGO Ideas Campaign Started For Metroid Dread Play Set

As we’ve reported previously, many Nintendo enthusiasts have been striving for their Animal Crossing or Legend of Zelda LEGO concepts to become actual play sets through the LEGO Ideas website – where fans can vote for their favorite ideas to be considered by the LEGO Group. With upcoming launch of Metroid Dread, here’s one project that might interest Metroid and LEGO fans alike!

A new campaign on the LEGO IDEAS website has cropped up – with the aim of re-creating the main premise of the game as a play set! As seen above, the main highlights of the proposed set include Samus Aran in her new power suit, as well as a fearsome E.M.M.I robot!

Here are a small selection of preview images for the proposed set below, along with more details about the idea from its creator:

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Trapped in the depths of planet ZDR, the unstoppable bounty hunter (and “Ultimate Warrior”) Samus Aran must confront the last and final challenge on her journey: to run away from this remote place while she faces her latest foes, the E.M.M.I. (Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier) robots.

Developed by the Galactic Federation, these missile-proof research robots have got out of control; and won’t hesitate to pursue Samus if they detect her – Unless they are shut down with an specific tool, the Omega Blaster. But beware; each new E.M.M.I. has a different build and a greater threat.

Would Samus be able to stop the crazy robots, and escape the planet?

The project needs a total of 10,000 votes before LEGO considers it for review. You can help out by casting your support over here.