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hc, l, o0h, hvl, zfi, 9pz, u7, kjq, 6h, 77, k, u, j, 2wm, 6j, 7y, s, yb, Limited Run Games Reveals Best Buy Alternate Covers For Yooka-Laylee & Golf Story | NintendoSoup
Limited Run Games Reveals Best Buy Alternate Covers For Yooka-Laylee & Golf Story

Limited Run Games Reveals Best Buy Alternate Covers For Yooka-Laylee & Golf Story

Previously, we reported that Limited Run Games was partnering up with Best Buy. The collaboration will see the limited-run releases of Yooka-Laylee and Golf Story for Switch making it to Best Buy’s store shelves as well.

Today, Douglas from Limited Run Games tweeted a new image showing the cover art of these Best Buy copies. As Limited Run Games promised earlier, the Best Buy copies of the games will have different cover art from the company’s own batch.

Here are the original cover artworks of both games, for comparison.

Do you prefer the Best Buy covers, or the original Limited Run ones? Let us know in the comments below!