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v, Mallow, Lillie, & Lana Transform Into Precure In March 17th's Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode | NintendoSoup
Mallow, Lillie, & Lana Transform Into Precure In March 17th’s Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode

Mallow, Lillie, & Lana Transform Into Precure In March 17th’s Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode

Fans of both Pokemon and Precure can look forward to a special treat in next week’s anime episode.

For those unaware, Precure is a long-running magical girl anime similar to the classic Sailor Moon. Produced by Toei Animation, Precure is quite popular in Japan and other parts of the world. Its parent company Toei is also responsible for Kamen Rider and Super Sentai (which inspired Power Rangers).

In next Sunday’s episode (17th March 2019), it seems that Mallow, Lillie and Lana will be acting in a Precure inspired magical girl show. They will not only be getting their own transformation sequences and magical girl forms, but also face off against a Gyarados playing the monster.

Watch the preview below courtesy of Pikafan World on Youtube: