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saf, hdb, q, 3ei, e, t3v, wqn, Man Receives 30 Year Prison Sentence After Shooting An Elderly Pokemon Go Player | NintendoSoup
Man Receives 30 Year Prison Sentence After Shooting An Elderly Pokemon Go Player

Man Receives 30 Year Prison Sentence After Shooting An Elderly Pokemon Go Player

On January 26th 2017, a 60 year old man by the name of Jiansheng Chen was fatally shot while he was playing Pokemon Go near a community club house (which was a Pokemon gym).

He originally started to play Pokemon Go to get a better bond with his nephew but then gradually starting to take a liking to the game and would play it in his spare time after work.

Around 11pm, Jiansheng Chen was playing the game when a 21 year old security guard (by the name of Johnathan Cromwell) confronted him about trespassing on the property after hours.

Jiansheng Chen then went in his car to leave and as he was reversing his car he was unfortunately fatally shot 10 times by Cromwell.

Johnathan Cromwell was later put on trial for second degree murder with his trial just last week resulting in him being rightfully sentenced to 30 years in prison.


Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of Jinasheng Chen and anyone else who was affected in the situation.