Mario And Sonic Are Now Friends

Mario And Sonic Are Now Friends

Mario and Sonic used to share a strong rivalry when Nintendo and Sega’s console wars were at its peak. However, as most of you might know, Sega stopped making consoles and both mascots have joined hands to appear in a number of Olympic series.

With the mini-resurgence of Sonic, especially with the upcoming Sonic live-action movie, CNBC asked Sega Samy’s President, Haruki Satomi if Sonic can still beat his old rival, Mario.

Satomi said that there’s a possibility, but both mascots are now friends that have teamed up to entertain their fans.

CNBC: So do you think Sonic can beat Super Mario?

Haruki Satomi: I think there is a possibility of beating Mario, but you know, Mario and Sonic used to be big rivals who competed against each other but now we have become friends. As you may know we have this Mario and Sonic Olympic Games since Beijing Olympics 2008 and 2012 we did the other game and recently 2016 we launched the Mario & Sonic Rio Olympics games so now we are friends.

CNBC: So you’re teaming up to fight the enemy?

Haruki Satomi: Yeah. Not the enemy but we’re teaming up to entertain our fans.

Looks like it is happily ever after for the two rivals. You can read CNBC’s full interview here.