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1qu, 2qu, bod, 3, i, j, rj8, ia9, ld, u, y, Mary Skelter Finale Launches August 27 In Japan | NintendoSoup
Mary Skelter Finale Launches August 27 In Japan

Mary Skelter Finale Launches August 27 In Japan

Mary Skelter Finale, which was just revealed in a livestream by Compile Heart yesterday, is set to launch on August 27 in Japan for both the PS4 and Switch, the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation confirms.

Additionally, it will receive two versions: a standard edition and a limited edition. It will also be available for digital download on both platforms. Currently, Compile Heart has yet to release details about what merchandise will be part of the limited edition.

Dengeki Playstation also confirms that Mary Skelter Finale‘s standard edition is set to retail at ¥7,600 (~$69). The limited edition will be priced at ¥9,600 (~$87). Finally, the digital edition for both platforms will be priced at ¥7,000 (~$63). Please note that these prices do not include tax or shipping.

Mary Skelter Finale aims to be the final entry in the franchise. However, Mary Skelter Finale won’t be the only game featured in this release. In fact, players will also be able to enjoy previous Mary Skelter titles in an adventure visual novel included with the game. So whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a longtime fan wanting to refresh your memory on events in past titles, Mary Skelter Finale has got you covered.

Currently, there is no further information regarding localization outside of Japan, but we’ll report back on any new updates about this title. Stay tuned!