Masahiro Sakurai: You Should Play Games That You Dislike

Masahiro Sakurai: You Should Play Games That You Dislike

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator and producer Masahiro Sakurai has spoke to The Guardian in a very long interview.

During the interview, Sakurai said he played games that he didn’t like or didn’t find interesting. He reveals he has a collection of over 1000 games.

By playing games that he dislike, he can learn the pitfalls to avoid during game development.

Read his full comments below:

“I went out of my way to play games I didn’t like or find interesting. Those ended up being a lot more informative for me. At home I have literally thousands of games, and I think of them as pearls of wisdom from my predecessors.

Game development is very difficult. Nobody sets out to create a game that’s not fun. It’s all of the challenges and difficulties that happen throughout development that determine whether a game is a failure or a success. I think playing those thousands of games is the single best and easiest way to learn from my predecessors.”


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