Mega Construx Unveils Pokemon MegaBlox Sets

Mega Construx Unveils Pokemon MegaBlox Sets

Toy brick manufacturer Mega Construx has released dozens of different Pokemon Mega Blox sets that appear to be available in Canada.

Unlike LEGO minifigures, players will have to build every Pokemon from the ground up, using instructions provided with each set. Here’s a look at some of the sets available:

First up are basic Pokemon sets, featuring a build-able Pokemon figurine (Pikachu for instance) and a Poke Ball.

Expect to find some unfamiliar and familiar faces, such as Mimikyu, Spinarak, and Fomantis.

If you’re looking for a challenge, Mega Construx has prepared sets featuring larger Pokemon that take more time and effort to build. Examples include Snorlax, Gyarados, and Charizard.

Last but not least are playsets featuring multiple Pokemon and a backdrop for kids to create intense battles.

Check out all of the playsets here.