Megaton Musashi Receives New Screenshots And Details For Robots And Pilots

Megaton Musashi Receives New Screenshots And Details For Robots And Pilots

Level-5 has released some new screenshots and details for Megaton Musashi, their upcoming collab mecha game with Shounen Jump.

This new batch of details explains more of the game’s story, as well as its characters and mechs. Check it all out below as translated via Siliconera:

Megaton Musashi is a cooperative mecha game where you control robots and work together in online battles against tough bosses sent by alien forces. Using these giant robots that are the fruit of all that human technology has to offer, work together with your allies and defeat the invading aliens.

Use each robot’s unique capabilities to attack, defend, heal, and strategize together to defeat the enemy. During battles, you’ll be able to hear the characters converse during these life-or-death scenarios.


‘Musashi’ is the world’s strongest giant robot, serving as the epitome of Earth technology. It’s 60 meters tall, and is a combination robot made of three machines.

Apart from regular weaponry like the Photon Revolver, it has a giant Diffusion Blaster in its chest that is its ace in the hole.


A support-type robot that fits the archetype of a rogue, and prefers to attack from a distance.


A melee-type robot specializing in getting up close and personal.

Each robot can be customized with various parts. Create your own personal giant robot!

Story – The world ends in 2118…

In 2118, an alien force known as the Doractors attack Earth, and seize control of the planet within days. The Earth is left in an incomplete donut-like shape, and as a hive for its new inhabitants. Humankind escapes to the Shelter, a facility boasting immense defensive capabilities, and plan their counter-offense to take back the planet.

The last hope of humanity. The power to defeat the aliens’ giant machines of war. Our hopes lie with ‘Musashi’, the Megaton-level giant robot.


In order to retake Earth, control of the giant robots were entrusted to three Megaton-level problem children…

Yamato Ichidaiji (CV: Toshiki Masuda)

A psychopath who goes to extremes. His personality changes as soon as he grasps the controls. He’s got a high aptitude for being a giant robot pilot, such as having strong decision-making, reflexes, and more.

Teru Asami (CV: Soma Saito)

A cold and calculating narcissist with top grades. He’s always deathly calm, and has an impenetrable front.

Ryuugo Hijikata (CV: Shunsuke Takeuchi)

A short-tempered, hot-blooded young man who’s like a delinquent leader. He’s quick to fight, but does have a side to him where he’s good at looking after others.

Megaton Musashi is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

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