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tvt, co, nuv, g, 7vb, c8, 8dg, 3q, 0, u, v, u9, n7q, 00, Metro Redux Listed For February 7 Release On Switch At Multiple Russian Retailers | NintendoSoup
Metro Redux Listed For February 7 Release On Switch At Multiple Russian Retailers

Metro Redux Listed For February 7 Release On Switch At Multiple Russian Retailers

Today we have some interesting news to share with you about Metro Redux, which is rumored to be heading to Nintendo Switch.

Two video game retailers based in Russia have put up listings for the Switch version of Metro Redux, which is yet to be officially announced at this time. Interestingly, both retailers claim that the game is set to launch on February 7, 2020, which is only a month away at the time of writing.

It wouldn’t be impossible for Metro Redux to launch in such a short span of time. Overwatch: Legendary Edition was literally announced a month before its official release in North America. And of course, Metro Redux has already been rated for the system.

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