More Party Hat Pokemon Datamined In Pokemon GO

More Party Hat Pokemon Datamined In Pokemon GO

It looks like Pokemon GO players are in for a festive new year.

Recently, dataminers have discovered what appear to new models for Wrumple, Raticate, and Wobuffet – which all feature flashy party hats! For now, Niantic has not announced these special Pokemon officially, but you can check out their models below:

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Why these three particular Pokemon? Well, Party Hat Wrumple originally appeared as part of loading screen artwork for New Years 2018 – but this will be the first time the Pokemon is officially available in-game. As for Raticate, some speculate that it was chosen to represent the upcoming Year of the Mouse, according to the tradition zodiac cycle. Lastly, Wobuffet may have been chosen due to being dex number #202 – which is one zero away from forming ‘2020’.

We’ll report back when Niantic officially announces the emergence of these Pokemon in Pokemon GO! Stay tuned!