More Power-Up Band Activities Within Super Nintendo World Japan Revealed

More Power-Up Band Activities Within Super Nintendo World Japan Revealed

During today’s special Super Nintendo World Japan Direct, Shigeru Miyamoto showed off more interesting and fun activities that visitors can engage in with the theme park’s special “Power-Up Band” accessory!

While touring the park, Miyamoto once again brought attention to the “?” Block, which generates one coin when bumped from below. This coin will end up in the visitor’s total tally, which can be tracked within a special mobile app.

We also receive another high-quality shot of the Power-Up Bands in real-life below, with six varieties in all:

Miyamoto then teased another Power-Up Band activity which will be located near a sleeping piranha plant – but did not reveal more details about it.

Following this, Miyamoto introduced a new Power-Up Band activity which takes the form of an actual minigame. Visitors start the game by scanning their band at the key symbol – after which they have to hit a POW block at the right time to send a green shell upwards to obtain a “key”. (video below starts at 4:12)

Later in the tour, Miyamoto enters an underground location, where visitors can bump regular brown blocks to obtain coins. Visitors will also be able to scan their bands at symbols on the walls to make special images appear, such as an 8-bit Bowser! A later segment of this location “shrinks” visitors down, so they’ll get to hit giant “?” blocks instead.

Finally, when visiting Kinopio’s cafe, Miyamoto showed off one more activity. By scanning their bands on either a small or large gift, visitors can get one out of two random items.

What do you think of all these neat little activities in the theme park? Feel free to let us know below!