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4cv, gk, s, nx, c, bm, r, 8b, dj, 8xy, 4s9, z, yc, New Link's Awakening Render Appears On E3 2019 Lanyard | NintendoSoup
New Link’s Awakening Render Appears On E3 2019 Lanyard

New Link’s Awakening Render Appears On E3 2019 Lanyard

Link will be certainly be looking more petite than ever before in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Switch.

Some E3 attendees have noted that their lanyards feature a render of the game’s hero, which you can see below. Additionally, above Link is what appears to be a another render for Owl (an ally in the game) – although it’s cut off.

We’ll probably receive the actual renders in higher quality from Nintendo after their Direct broadcast on 11 June 2019. In the meantime, however, this is a nice preview for Nintendo fans!