New SplatFest, Gear, And Weapons Coming To Splatoon 2

New SplatFest, Gear, And Weapons Coming To Splatoon 2

The Inkling Open might be over but Splatoon 2 has more content coming this spring.

At the end of the Splatoon 2 competition, we received a broadcast from the Squid Research lab with a couple of announcements.

First we got a release date for The Sheldon’s Picks which will come out April 2nd.

Two new weapons, the Clear Dapple Dualies and the Tenta Camo Brella, will arrive with the 10 weapons already announced in the Sheldon’s Picks.

Splatfest is also making a return with a worldwide event happening over two days from April 19th-21st.

This will be themed Tortoise vs Hare. Will it be speed or patience that wins?

The Squid Research Lab News Channel will also be distributing Novelty spring-themed visors for players.

And there are also new badges that be obtained from playing in various matches.

What do you think about all these announcements for the game?

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