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Ni No Kuni Movie Heads To Japan This Summer

Ni No Kuni Movie Heads To Japan This Summer

Warner Bros. Japan and Level-5 have announced their upcoming movie project that’s 10 years in the making – an animated film featuring Ni no Kuni.

During the press conference, both companies revealed the Ni no Kuni movie will debut in Japan in Summer 2019. The movie’s director is Yoshiyuki Momose, character designer of The Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Joe Hisaishi is in charge of the movie’s music while Level-5 President and CEO Akihiro Hino will be executive producer and screenwriter.

OLM, known for animating the Pokemon and Inazuma Eleven movies, will help to animate the Ni no Kuni film. Warner Bros. will distribute the movie in Japan.

Besides these details, both companies shared the first story details for the Ni no Kuni movie. The protagonist is a high school student named Yū, who is played by Kento Yamazaki. Yū is accompanied by his best friend Haru and a childhood friend called Kotona. After an incident, the three characters travel to the other side of reality, and all of them have to make a “final decision” after Kotona’s life is put in danger.

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