Niantic Fulfills Pokemon GO Trainer’s Make-A-Wish Request

Niantic Fulfills Pokemon GO Trainer’s Make-A-Wish Request

A 6 year old Pokemon GO trainer named Isla is being granted her Make-A-Wish request by Niantic.

Isla was born with a complicated heart defect. Doctors said Isla had only three years to live, but thanks to Isla’s persistence and enduring two open heart reconstructive surgeries and seven major operations, she’s still alive and well.

Make-A-Wish Foundation has already arranged a Pokemon GO wish for Isla during Otakon 2018, where a real life Pokemon GO adventure will be acted out by characters on stage. To add on to the experience, Isla’s family emailed Niantic and asked if they could make Unown spawn in the letters of Isla’s name around Washington D.C. during the event.

Initially, Niantic Support told Isla’s family that they were unable to comply with their request as “various global events are lined up for which the schedule is completely packed.”

However, things changed after hundreds of Pokemon GO trainers wrote in to Niantic to express their support for Isla’s wish. Frances from Niantic Support said “we are extremely moved by your family’s story and would love to help make Isla’s wish as special as possible!”

Looks like nothing is impossible when the community gets together to help make a wish a reality! Let us know what you think about this story in the comments below.


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