Nintendo Q1 2018 Results: Switch Doing Excellent, Pokemon Switch As Soon As 2018

Nintendo Q1 2018 Results: Switch Doing Excellent, Pokemon Switch As Soon As 2018

Nintendo has just announced its 1st quarter results for fiscal year 2017/18 and they are no slouch.

Nintendo Switch

Leading the way for Nintendo was the Nintendo’s Switch’s excellent performance, selling 1.97 million units this quarter and bumping its lifetime sales to 4.7 million units. This makes Nintendo “ahead of schedule” for the 10 million Nintendo Switch sales target by the end of the fiscal year. The Nintendo Switch software sales also demonstrated the strength of the fledgeling console in the market, with 8.14 million units sold.

Nintendo 3DS Family

In the 3DS corner, the ageing 3DS family is still going strong and growing year over year in terms of sales. Nintendo sold 1.89 million units of hardware from the entire 3DS family and a total of 5.85 million units of 3DS software. With that statistics, the 3DS won’t be going anywhere for a while.


In terms of mobile, Nintendo has raked ¥9,062 million, a tremendous year over year growth compared to only ¥1649 same time last year. This can be attributed to the increased number of Nintendo mobile games available compared to the same time last year.


Overall, Nintendo had a fantastic calling. The firm registered net sales of ¥154,069 million, up 148.6% year over year, and a profit of ¥21,260. This can be attributed to the strong showing for the Nintendo Switch, the strong lineup of games, as well as, increased mobile showing when compared to the previous year.

Future Software lineup

Along side the financial call, Nintendo has also reiterated the upcoming games on each system.

Instead of “To Be Announced” (TBA), the upcoming full-fledged Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch has been slated for 2018 or Later. While the large range does not say much, at least we do know that the game can arrive as early as 2018. This is in contrast to Metroid Prime 4, which is still listed as TBA

You can see the full list of first and third party games slated for both the 3DS and the Nintendo Switch in the Supplementary Information link below.


Nintendo has done well for this quarter and we should expect to see continued growth for the next few quarters to come, especially for the Q3 holidays. Still, Nintendo still has to iron out their Nintendo Switch production shortages and get the hot selling console out to as many people as they can.