Nintendo Switch Online Overview Trailer Receives 19,000 Dislikes On Youtube

Nintendo Switch Online Overview Trailer Receives 19,000 Dislikes On Youtube

Starting tomorrow, Nintendo Switch owners all over the world will have to pay to play online with the Nintendo Switch Online paid membership.

While the paid membership comes with many features such as online NES games and cloud saves, not many are happy with its offerings, and some are not accustomed to the idea of Nintendo charging for online play as the company has never done this before the release of Switch.

This has led to many comments and dislikes on the overview trailer uploaded last week on Youtube. At the time of writing, the Nintendo Switch Online overview trailer by Nintendo of America has received 19,000 dislikes out of 25,300 votes – out of all the votes, 75% of them are unfavorable, and only 25% are favorable.

What’s more interesting are the comments made by Youtube subscribers and Nintendo fans. The comments section is full of negative comments. Here are some of the most interesting comments made:

Rigby: At first I was like, “bro $20 isn’t even that much for paid online for a year” then I realize that the features aren’t even enough for $20, so I think the dislikes are justified…

Winter Time: 5 Features included with your membership”: 1. Dissapointment 2. Regret 3. Trash 4. Anger 5. Urge to unsubscribe from membership

Will Wunsche: The fact that even the original Nintendo DS Lite had free online voice chat makes this hurt 10 times more

SuperMarioTube: More Headaches More Flaws More I can’t think of another word

Matthew Oberlin: Nintendo, I love you and your games, but could you please get with the times when it comes to online? There should be no reason why cloud saves are incompatible with Splatoon 2

Badbot74 – The Troller!: If only they put more time into the service than the animation..

What do you think? Will you pay for the service tomorrow?