Nintendo Switch Update Allows Bluetooth Headphone Pairing

Nintendo Switch Update Allows Bluetooth Headphone Pairing

Time to hook up your headphones to your Switch with this newest update!

Nintendo of America shared on Twitter that Switch owners can now pair Bluetooth devices with their Switch to listen to audio from the console.

They do specify however that you will not be able to use the Bluetooth microphone for audio input.

Alas, so close yet so far from having integrated voice chat on the Switch.


Up to two wireless controllers can connect to a Nintendo Switch system while using Bluetooth audio. You will not be able to pair additional wireless controllers until you disconnect the Bluetooth audio device.
Bluetooth audio will be disconnected during local communication, such as when starting a local wireless multiplayer game.


Only one Bluetooth audio device can be paired at a time, but up to 10 devices can be saved on a Nintendo Switch system.
Bluetooth microphones cannot be used.
You may experience audio latency depending on your Bluetooth device.


But this does allow players to connect to their Switch without plugging in their headphones or using outside devices.

You can install this update by going to your Switch’s settings and looking for System Update.

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