Nintendo Tries Not To Police Online Messages As Much As Possible

Nintendo Tries Not To Police Online Messages As Much As Possible

As a company with a very family friendly image, Nintendo tries its best to create platforms that are safe for young children and everyone to enjoy in. While most players play nice in the online community, sometimes there are black sheep in the platforms that try to make things miserable for everyone.

Explaining their approach to Online Message policing, especially with Splatoon 2, Nintendo said that they have a team set up for curating online messages. Still, they usually prefer to let the system sort itself out than putting the ban hammer down too hard.

“We really don’t want people to use the plaza here as a way to hurt people or say hurtful things to other people or do anything considered against the law. We do have a portion of our development team that is responsible for spotting the worst offenders when it comes to comments and artwork and making sure those don’t get seen

We know a lot of topics are something someone feels positively about and another person might feel negatively about. We don’t want to bring the hammer down too hard on everything. And so as long as something hasn’t risen to the top for the wrong reasons, something that’d be violating the rating for some reason, we try and let the system basically sort it out. We really hope that people use this system as a means of communication and celebrating the game.”