Nintendo’s Financial Briefing Confirms That There Will Not Be A New Switch In 2020

Nintendo’s Financial Briefing Confirms That There Will Not Be A New Switch In 2020

Nintendo’s Financial Results Briefing has concluded and we now have an idea of what to expect from the company this year.

As the fiscal year reaches its final months, Nintendo hosted a meeting to address investors with information about their current plans in terms of consoles, sales, and several financial figures.

One fan prediction that was absent is a “New Switch”  or  a Switch-Pro that some players predicted would be released in 2020. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa himself delivered this information. He also acknowledged that the console will have a longer life cycle than other consoles.

Special editions or themed versions of the console are still planned to come out as seen with the upcoming Animal Crossing Switch which is set to release as Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases in March.

The three main initiatives that Nintendo listed are

1. To continue to pursue the design and development of unique products and services that are overwhelmingly fun to play and whose appeal is easy to understand at a glance.

2. The second is to make active use of the Nintendo IP.

3. And the third is to create initiatives that promote business based on the use of Nintendo Accounts, with the goal of developing long-term relationships with consumers.

Some examples of these initiatives include the Nintendo World theme park which is currently under construction, the Nintendo Tokyo store that opened last year, their expansion into the mobile gaming market, and the upcoming animated movie set to release in 2022. This project is in the works alongside Illumination and Universal Pictures.

To read the whole report, follow the link here.

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