Nintendo’s Piracy Nightmare Is About To Happen On Switch

Nintendo’s Piracy Nightmare Is About To Happen On Switch

The inevitable day Nintendo has feared the most is about to happen – the arrival of piracy on Nintendo Switch. It took less than one and a half years.

Team Xecuter, a group of hackers, have shipped out a hacking device called SX Pro on June 15. SX Pro allows players to install ROMs on their Nintendo Switch, which means people are going to have an easy way to pirate games on the system.

This is a huge concern as Team Xecuter claims SX Pro cannot be patched and currently works with version 5.1.0, the latest firmware update Nintendo released in May 2018. Nintendo has foreseen this day will come and developed a new system-on-chip called Mariko which is expected to ship in all future Nintendo Switch systems.

At NintendoSoup, we strongly do not condone piracy and like to remind everyone the risks involved with pirating games on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has shown in the last few months they will not hesitate to ban hackers and cheaters they detect online, and it will most likely happen again. Switch owners who pirate may lose access to playing online, access to Nintendo eShop, and the Nintendo Switch Online service.

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