[Update] Official Concept Art For “WaPeach” Shared By Waluigi’s Creator

[Update] Official Concept Art For “WaPeach” Shared By Waluigi’s Creator

Last year, we reported on “WalPeach”, an evil version of Peach originally pitched to appear in Mario Tennis alongside Wario and Waluigi, who was vetoed during production due to Shigeru Miyamoto not being a fan of the idea.

Now, concept art of the character has reportedly leaked online. The artwork was posted on instagram by an account going by yuzumpo. This account is believed to belong to Fumihide Aoki, Waluigi’s original creator. Further evidence of this comes via other pieces of concept art posted to the account from Golden Sun and Shining Force, which Aoki also worked on.

Although Miyamoto rejected the idea of WalPeach thinking it would be too similar to popular Japanese supervillainess Doronjo, the concept art shared doesn’t look anything like the character, and looks more cute compared to the more harsh appearances Wario and Waluigi. You can check out the artwork and 3D model below:

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[Update]: Several hours following this initial post, yuzumpo‘s Instagram page has been taken down, with all of the concept art hosted within being removed. It is speculated that Fumihide Aoki was not actually allowed to post these materials publicly, and was notified to remove them by Nintendo or some other party. You can check out a mirror of the artwork below.