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Not Heading To Nintendo Switch, Brand Manager Confirms | NintendoSoup
PES 2021 Not Heading To Nintendo Switch, Brand Manager Confirms

PES 2021 Not Heading To Nintendo Switch, Brand Manager Confirms

It looks like fans of the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series will have to stick to their typical home consoles for this year’s seasonal update.

During an interview with AltChar, PES Europe Brand Manager Lennart Bobzien confirmed that there would be no Nintendo Switch version of PES 2021 – which launches later this year for Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. This marks yet another year that the monolithic series has skipped the hybrid system altogether again, with Konami seemingly showing no interest in bringing any ports over.

Will the PES series steer clear of the Switch for its entire lifespan? We’ll report back if next year brings better news for Nintendo fans.