Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Peter Molyneux’s Next Game Could Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Peter Molyneux is a very important figure in gaming with him being responsible for many series such as Fable and Populous on the Xbox consoles!

After leaving Xbox, Molyneux has worked with 22cans who are now working on their upcoming game Legacy which he has been working on for years!

Check out this interview with Nintendolife with him:

Legacy is certainly a big departure from what I’ve done before. And more so than ever before, you need to think a little bit more agnostically about platforms. I would absolutely say that there is a really strong chance of it going onto Switch, but there are two gates that can stop that happening. The first is you have to get permission from Nintendo, that’s one gate. And the other gate is, are we, as a company, passionate about putting it on Switch? I would absolutely say yes to that, because Nintendo – of all three consoles – it appeals to the audience that I find most fascinating. Those are the people that perhaps haven’t been gaming for decades – although I love those people as well – they’re people who would love to play computer games but find them inaccessible, and I find that absolutely fascinating. So yes, absolutely.

As Molyneux confirmed, he would love to have his upcoming game come to Nintendo Switch as he really admires the console with it appealing to its audience.

This could mean that the game could be ported to Nintendo Switch in the future after its release on other platforms!


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